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Following hot on the heels of his previous single, Succubus is the latest sign of Kevin's creative resurgence. Accompanied by a stunning new video, Succubus denotes a furthering of the abstract explorations which have underlined Kevin's best works. Fans of Kevin's previous single will not be disappointed by this one.


Older News (6.9.15):


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Appearing after a nearly three-year silence, Just Like the Other One Did is Kevin's bold new re-emergence into the music world. Bolstered by the release of an edgy accompanying video (which was also directed by Kevin), Just Like the Other One Did is a testament to the fact that Kevin's talents haven't diminished one iota in the fact, if anything, the single showcases that he has re-emerged stronger than ever, showcased both in the harsh soundscape of Just Like the Other One Did as well as the gentle, yet mournful ballad Angel.




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Summing up the past decade of his recording history, The Kevin Loy Primer (2002-2012) brings together singles, album cuts, re-mixes, rare recordings and previously unreleased material to give you a dizzying portrait of Kevin's musical output. With song choices picked mostly by fans and extensive liner notes written entirely by Kevin Loy, The Kevin Loy Primer is designed to be the perfect introduction to Kevin's previous work...outside of diving head-first into one of the regular albums, of course.

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Appearing in a flash of inspiration, The Ballad of Amanda Todd (One Day at a Time) was written immediately after learning of her suicide and, concurrently, the video she had created scarcely a month beforehand.
note: there are no plans for a commercial release of this single at this time.




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AMANDA is the first new recording from Kevin Loy in nearly fourteen months, following up on the positive critical reception to his previous album, Plain Sleeve.

Amanda boasts a sound which hearkens back to Kevin's earlier albums such as Djinni of alkahest while maintaining the more emotionally challenging lyrical sentiments that he has employed on his more recent albums. In less than two minutes, Amanda does more than most people accomplish with entire albums, rushing at you head-first and leaving you unable to react. For fans of Kevin's more astutely 'produced' recordings, or fans of Kevin's song-writing abilities, or fans of Kevin's more emotionally edgy works (such as "Throw Money" and Plain Sleeve), or even just people who like good music...all of these people should find plenty to like with this latest release.


In other news...

To mark this occassion, we have also introduced a few changes here at For starters, we have re-designed the Discography section, streamlining the interface in order to allow all of the content to be displayed in your main browser window without the need for scrolling all over the place (hopefully). We have also updated the Videos section, adding the new video as well as (finally) adding the uncut version of Four From "Throw Money".

Furthermore, Kevin has decided to stop distributing his solo albums through download services such as iTunes. His new singles (and possibly older ones, at a later date) will still be available through iTunes, but Kevin has decided that download services inherently encourage the dissemination of individual tracks from albums, which Kevin feels is detrimental to the overall concept of what an album should be.



PLAIN SLEEVE: The new album by Kevin Loy

PLAIN SLEEVE is the new album by Kevin Loy, featuring contributions from Nathaniel James (of The Friction Brothers) on bass and guitar and Stanley Watson on drums.

Steve Katz (of Blood, Sweat & Tears), in his liner notes to Kevin’s third album, called him a songwriter “in the best tradition of the Sixties”, naming his sound “Urban White Folk Music of the 21st Century” and writing that Kevin has “more hooks up his sleeve than Burt Bacharach”. Nathaniel James said Kevin’s writing and arrangements boast “catchy hooks and sophisticated melodies...every song is essential”, and later named Kevin’s album “Throw Money” amongst his personal Top 20 albums list. Chris Henderson (of Three Doors Down) has called Kevin’s sound “totally different” (even if it wasn’t a compliment).

“I’ve had people refer to my music as ‘experimental’ before, but really, this is my first truly experimental album by virtue – I’ve never done anything this straightforward before now.” Indeed, much of the abstraction and ‘avant-garde’ aspects of his earlier work are put aside for Plain Sleeve, instead highlighting Kevin’s undeniable knack for pop songcraft. The three singles slated for release from this album (“Roy Orbison”, “CEMA” and “Los Angeles, Silverlake”) readily attest to this strict focus on pop/rock songcraft, and Kevin has said “those three songs are amongst the best I’ve ever written”.

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After being planned for early September (and then cast aside in an unfortunate turn of events), a free preview of "Throw Money" was made available on this site. It has since been removed.




My long-awaited (well, at least by one or two people) fourth solo album, "Throw Money", has been released. It has been quite a journey, to say the least.

I won't go into everything that occurred (and went into) the making of this album...I won't cover territory that is already well-worn in this news brief. I will say, though, that there has been an especially large turnover in my 'business' dealings -- to be more specific, two managers and three Webprocurers moved in and out of my sphere with alarming speed (and in some cases, destruction)...which is part of the reason why the site looks the way it does (and also explains why the site hasn't been updated in over 2 years). Those matters are best discussed at another time and another place, because what is important here (at least to me) is my latest album, "Throw Money".

The culmination of two years' worth of work, "Throw Money" is a work I'm very proud to have created, and honestly, this is the first time that I can say that about one of my albums. I've been variously impressed, disinterested and disenfranchised by my past works, but this is the first album I've made that I feel is representative of me, or at least of a certain period in my life. In short, this is the first album I've made that, in my opinion, represents something more than mere craft or studio wizardry.

This is also my first album which makes use of guest musicians. This actually is not new for me -- I attempted to use guest musicians on my first two solo albums, but the appearances didn't work out (for various reasons) and were not used. This time, however, the sessions for the other musicians went *extremely* well.

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Until next time...

Kevin Loy